Растаману с гитарой

Слова и музыка Aswad

Come on and shine, shine like a star
Shining so bright like the star that you are
( Ohh ohh) Shine into the future
Spreading your light wherever you are

I burn like a fire left in the rein
As I run the race oh yes I feel the pain
From the resistance I’m feeling tne strain
Now the realisation is that we are all Dorn tho same

I reach for the moon and I reach for the stars
With the strength from within me the further and faster I run
Strecing my sinues to the bone
Achieving all goals that I seek I know I must do it alone

When they said I’d never make it I found strength from within
Cos it is there if you seek it. So you can get it if you really want so

Shine Shine your light yes were baddar than bad
Nigel Benn the warrior called the dark destroyer
Eubank, simply the best, nobody alive can touch that
Linford Cristio say nobody alive can catch me
Moving like lightning with enough energy
Shine Shine your light yes were badder than bad
Him a floating like a Dutterfly the hurdling man
Yes me a chat about Colin Jackson
The criod is roaring, Ian Wright scoring
Bogeling on the field him a de champion fee wee