Растаману с гитарой

Курт Хаунстейн, группа SUPERMAX


Supermax — Kurt Haunstein


When I was young all the girls’re running after me
They called me blue eye blond’ but they weren’t for me
Cause I only had eyes fo the ones that weren’t so bright
I didn’t care about the color green or blue
People said «she’s not for you»
But for me she was out of sight

Later on I fell in love with a girl named Arka
She was just a little bit darker than me
But enough to see
They didn’t treat me good they went even further
They called me a pig and they called me a murder
Said to me «go back to the jungle, back on a tree»

I was never a thief never a liar
I try to keep my head a little bit higher
Than most people I see
I always try to stay out of the scene
Always try to keep my family clean
But whatever they did to me I’m still me

I’m the blue eye honkey with long blond hair
But I’m good, I’m good I swear
What I do is allright, come in my heart
I’m black as the night

So give me the heat
Of the blue eye beat
Blue eyes never try