Irina Kulakova. The sun is chining but it’s raining in my heart 3

Аlеxander Bashlachiov is great russian poet. He influenced much on many popular russian songwriters. Bashlachiov wasn’t well-known becouse he hadn’t LPs or books. He used to appear in small halls and sing for a small audience. Bashlachiov was all alone with his songs and once upon a time he decided that he has nothing in this world. February 27 1988 he made suicide solution.

Ilya Smirnov. The pictures of history of DK 22

DK is one of the first russian underground rock groups and they were the last who left deep underground at 1988. Ilya Smirnov tells about those times were appearences of rock groups were banned and when people could be arrested, for they social ideas.

Sergey Guriev. Bent out of shape 35

It is very hard for independent musicians to organise rock festival in Moscow even in times of glasnost. Independent manager Sergey Guriev telle about his attempt to organise festival of young groups from heartland. This festival was banned by department of culture and Moscow rock laboratory — the official organisation that controls on indie rock music in capital.

Alexander Liapin: «I only belong to rock’n’roll» 45

Alexander Liapin is well-known Leningrad blues guitarist. He tells about his journey to Finland and describes his thoughts about indie rock music.

Timelo Love: «We have russian routs» 51

Musicians from young Leningrad group Time To Love tell about rhytm’n’blues.

Jury Sachno. Before love cames the time 56

Panorama of Kiev rock. Kiev rock club has a lot of problems in management.

Irat Hannanov. Fairy Tail High 63

The paper telle about lyrics of David Panov and about his group

Sergey Kuznetzov: «Without music we are nothing» 70

The most intelligent Kazan musician Sergey Kuznetzov talks about problems of listening to instrumental art rock music, about sound and arrangement. He tells also about festival of instrumental rock music that took place in Gorkey on february 1988

Dima Drugansky. Let the Kremlin walls crumble to dust 76

The member of Kazan punk rock group Tina tells about national festival of alternative and radical music that took place in Tumieny on june 1988

Glenn Kazakov. In the paradise country 80

Glenn describes his point of view on perestrioka in political polemic with official magazine «Young Guard».

Ilya Smirnov. An open letter to Barmin 86

Gorkey’s official newspaper published an angry paper about «Audi Holy». This is an answer. The polemic is about official and illegal youth organisa.